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Sample Urbanisation




Wednesday 3rd January 2009 at Whites Bar ~ 11.00 am


In attendance:  Peter January (President); June February (Vice President); John March; Sally April; Steve May; 

Thomas June; Julie August.



  1. AGM conclusions

  2. Matters arising

  3. Bank balance and cheque amounts

  4. Debtors

  5. Pool maintenance

  6. Community maintenance



    • Pool area fence

    • Spanish TV update


  1. Certificate of Habitation

  2. Web site

 1. AGM conclusions

“I would like to thank everyone in the committee for their hard work last year and also to welcome our new team of committee members.” – Peter January (President)


We do have debtors but we are waiting for the AGM minutes to discuss this further.


The community fees will remain the same this year and we will be dealing with improvements to our urbanisation as and when they arise.


The AGM minutes will be sent to property addresses and email addresses that we have in order for all to view them.


2. Maters arising

There were no matters arising at this moment in time.


3. Bank balance and cheque amounts

The bank balance to date is 10,550 €.  Queries for cheque amounts and payments are documented and are all traceable.  These will be available shortly.


4. Debtors

Those that owe money:  we are in the process of giving John Green written instructions for the removal of the lawyers cost regarding those in debt of 100 € or less. 


It was heard that phase one has possessed twelve properties from debtors, what is our situation?  We are coming to the same scenario on Sample Urbanisation.  It was asked, ‘when will we receive San Ebb’s outstanding monies?’  San Ebb’s are out of receivership now so by waiting we will receive the full amount owed to us, rather than a percentage if we were to claim monies now.  San Ebb’s owes approximately 6,000 €.  It was also asked, ‘could we ask the administrators to approach San Ebb for an update?’  It was noted that the way to go forward was to use the legal system, the courts.


It was asked concerning the debtors, ‘are the Spanish addresses notified?’  Yes, they are.  All addresses of contact that the administrators have are notified.


It was brought to our attention that although some have been trying to put together a list of correspondence to house owners.  It is not the community’s responsibility to do so.  When you buy a property in Spain you also receive a whole bunch of responsibilities along with it, i.e.:  you have to make available a correspondence address and if you do not pay community fees, a letter is sent out to your given address.  It is not anyone’s responsibility to find your address.


5. Pool Maintenance

The pool at this present time is not being maintained.  The tablets are checked and the baskets are emptied.  We looked at a few quotes which were forwarded and more information came to our attention that also involves a summer life-guard.  We will await this quotation and review this at the next meeting.


6. Community maintenance

  • Pool area fence

The pool area fence is hanging over.  It needs fixing.  Peter and a few volunteers will endeavour to secure it. 

It was asked, ‘can volunteers be asked for, and what about a volunteer list?’  This is a good idea!  We can have a volunteers list posted on the notice board for anyone to help out.  All that is needed is a name and contact number.  With this type of list many little jobs can be done by the community; this in turn will promote a community spirit.


  • Spanish TV update

The Spanish TV box will be fixed and will be upgraded to digital.  This will have thirty-six channels and has to be digital by 2010.  We are waiting for a quote from the TV Company working on site at the moment.  It was asked, ‘who will pay for the box to be fixed?’  It is Spanish law to have Spanish TV to the community, so will be paid by the community.


7. Certificate of Habitation

It was asked, ‘do we need a Certificate of Habitation and does this certificate need renewal after five years?’

The situation is this:  a builder puts in the infrastructure before he builds properties.  He then leaves a bond in order for the town hall to finish off infrastructure if it is not completed.  The previous builder (not San Ebb) has been taken to court so the Certificate of Habitation is being held up.  It was asked, ‘what can we do, should the President and property owners go to the town hall?’  It was suggested that a letter be posted to all property owners in order for them to sign and this should be taken to the town hall by the president.  This will show the town hall a community concern for not having their Certificate of Habitation.  A formatted letter will be drawn up for all to sign, so as to get this action underway.


8. Website

We need pictures and photographs for our website.  We would like to add photos of committee members in order for all to know who they are.  This way they will be more approachable.


Date of next community meeting: Tuesday 24th February 2009 at Whites Bar – 10.30pm.